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About Lucas OIL

Lucas Oil is one of the fastest growing companies, producing an additive range in the automotive industry. With portfolio of high-quality oils, lubricants, additives and auxiliaries, Lucas Oil has become the dominant company in the US market. LucasOIL participates directly at Nascar, NHRA, IHRA, WOO, USRA, ATPA. In the US it even has its own television, racing circuit, American football stadium or golf course. At Europe, it is known for motocross and drift races.

Why choose Lucas OIL?

  • Increases performance and reduces power consumption
  • Increases oil pressure
  • Extends the oil life up to 50%
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Eliminates dry starts
  • Reduces noise

Main products

• CAR CARE • ADDITIV • Lucas Oil Stabilizers •


The Lucas Oil Engine Oil Additive keeps your old engine alive, making it hard to reduce its wear to a minimum. It provides complete protection to the engine as well as manual gearboxes and differentials. It increases the oil pressure, effectively reducing the wear of all running components. It reduces friction in your engine, reduces noise and improves performance whether you drive for gasoline or diesel. Thanks to the Lucas Oil engine oil, it also eliminates the wear of parts that originate from cold startups.


Maximum 20% of the content at each engine oil change, up to 50% contents of gearbox and differential.


An oil additive Lucas Oil brings benefits to new and older engines, manual gearboxes and differentials, that use both synthetic and semi-synthetic oils. It increases the oil pressure, effectively reducing the wear of all running components. Whether use a diesel or gasoline engine, this additive reduces friction, decreases noise and improves performance. Forget about the dangers arising from cold start or another inconvenience of new cars, the START / STOP system. Lucas Oil reduces the wear of all suffering parts, is suitable for all EURO 5 and EURO 6 engines.


Max. 20% of the oil filling content at each change.

Videos and demos

Possibilities of using Lucas OIL additives

"Racing cars and everyday riding"

"Suitable for classic cars, veterans and motorbikes"

"For heavy truck and vehicles"

"For day-to-day operation of agricultural machinery"

"For heavy machinery and mechanization"

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